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Parent Testimonials

Responses from Parents to the Reception Reading Workshop - January 2019


It was most useful for me to know how to read with my child thanks - Daniel’s Mum


Knowing to point to each word and look at the pictures - Gamshavy’s Mum


It was good to see it from a child perspective and understand how they look at booksAntoni’s Dad


Knowing what the expectations are and what is happening in Reception to develop to Year 1Zayaan’s Mum


I found it very very useful. Because this is not the first time I have been to your workshop. I’m going to help him to read more books. Thank you for your help - Jefferey’s Mum


I'll now spend more time reading and asking questions- this workshop was great. Thank you! Geyli’s Mum


I will try to use the information from today and see ways to improve Hakan’s ability to understand the keywords Hakan’s Dad