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School Evacuation

Good morning,


We have had to conduct an emergency evacuation of the school building this morning as a result of the fire alarm being triggered.  Fortunately, it was not a fire but appears to be an excess of steam from our boiler system that had set the fire alarm off.  The children were evacuated to the playground quickly and safely. 


Polar bear class had to be evacuated in their PE kit and without shoes – putting shoes on would have taken too long and compromised a safe and quick exit from what could have been a burning building. We managed to get hold of blankets in order to keep them warm as well as encouraged them to keep moving.  As soon as the school building was deemed safe by the fire services, children quickly returned to their classrooms.  Polar Bear children have been given warm milk or cocoa to help warm them up. 


Children’s safety is paramount and getting them out of what could be a burning building is priority.  All children are safely in their classes and learning has resumed.  We anticipate that some children express some anxiety around what has happened today, please provide reassurances to them.  Class teachers will be talking to the children during the day to give them an opportunity to reflect, express their feelings and allay any anxieties they might have.


Thanking you in advance for your full support.


Miss Michelle Bennett