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Parent Governors

Becoming a Parent Governor


Parent governors are in a unique position on a Governing Board. Not only do parent governors have to work in the best interests of the school, but they have to balance this with their natural desire to see the best outcomes for their own child(ren). The aim of this briefing paper is to offer advice to prospective parent governors on their specific role.


If you don’t do paid work, people imagine that you have loads of spare time….and you have to be able to juggle all these expectations; as a parent, you will already be an expert juggler, but developing your role as a governor will take time.


Nominations can only be accepted from parents or carers who have children registered at the school on the day that nominations close.


The Governing Board, with the Headteacher, has responsibility for the running of the school. The role of a school governor is to contribute to the work of the GB in ensuring high standards of achievement for all students in the school.


You are not expected to go it alone- there is advice, help and support to tap into-training is available for all governors and the GB has an expectation that those new to school governance attend the free induction training.


Parent Governors are:

  • Well placed to understand the parental viewpoint and to remind the governing Board how matters being discussed affect parents
  • Individuals! How you vote on any decision is up to you.
  • In a good position to advise the governing Board how to communicate effectively with parents
  • Equal in status to all other governors


Parent Governors are not expected to gather the views of other parents and take them to the governing Board or expected to vote as instructed by other parents


What are the good bits about being a parent governor?

  • You have a very privileged and responsible role
  • You have the opportunity to influence the future development of the school, not only for your children, but for children for years to come
  • You have the opportunity to make a difference for other parents and influence the way the school works with them
  • You will be able to put existing skills to good use and learn and develop new ones